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What are Tiller Tines?
Troy-Bilt® tillers are motorized cultivators with multiple “tines” (blades) that rotate through soil, pulverizing and breaking up soil clumps into a finer texture that allows water, nutrients and oxygen deep into the root structure of a garden.

Many would agree that Troy-Bilt® tillers are among the best in the world. Perhaps that’s why so many have been sold over the years. But, like anything used outdoors, certain parts need replacing, including tiller tines.

Troy-Bilt® - then and now.
Troy-Bilt® has a long history in the tiller business. Known best for their infomercial sales in the 70's and 80's, Troy-Bilt® has sold milllions of rear tine tillers. Popular models include the Pony® , Econo-Horse® , Horse® and Big Red® . These tillers helped revolutionize the industry and brought professional grade equipment within reach of backyard gardeners as well as smaller commercial farms.

Troy-Bilt® tillers quickly became known as the best tillers on the market. Their heavy duty construction, reliable drivetrains, balanced weight distribution and ease of use re-wrote the way people tended their land and saved time in the process.

In 2000, Troy-Bilt® was sold to MTD®, who manufactures and sells Troy-Bilt® tillers in mass market chain stores and dealerships.

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What makes KD Tines the best available?

• Thick, 6 mm forged steel construction is up to
   20% thicker than other replacement tiller tines.
• Original two-hole attachment for added strength
• New zinc-coated hardware with locking washers
• Easy step-by-step installation with basic tools
• Guaranteed for life against breakage

If you have any questions about KD Tines,
call 336-621-4371. We're happy to help!

troybilt tiller tines by KD

If you have a Troy-Bilt® Tiller and need to replace your tines, get the best. Get KD.

KD began selling replacement tines for Troy-Bilt® Tillers in 1983.
For almost 40 years, KD has been the premiere supplier of replacement Troy-Bilt® tiller tines throughout the country. If you're in the market for replacement tines, click below to order. You'll get the best tiller tines on the market, and close to 40 years of experience to back you up.

IMPORTANT!  Don't be fooled by cheap, three-hole tines! The third hole is in the bend, which can weaken the steel, resulting in broken tines - and huge headaches.
 Click HERE to order

.Rocky Soil? Extra Heavy Duty Use?
How can KD Tines get any tougher? We "Hardface" them. Our new KD HARD HAT series Replacement Tiller Tines for Troy-Bilt® Tillers are now even MORE durable & longer lasting! We start with genuine KD 6mm thick, long wearing tines and further strengthen them using our exclusive hardfacing process. The result: thicker, hardened edges perfect for rocky and hard soils, with long-lasting performance that every serious gardener will appreciate. 

Depending on soil type, our hardfaced tines can last up to three times longer then our standard tines!

 Click HERE to order
kd tines hard hat
*Free Shipping is available only on Original KD Tiller Tines purchased online. .
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